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How do we find the strength and courage to listen to and tend to what is ripe within our hearts? How do we face the radical need in our world and in our own lives and still find moments of serenity and joy? How do we stay awake in the face of what is challenging, juicy or messy? These are the questions so many of us have been exploring this year. We cannot answer all of them in one workshop, but we will begin a deeper dialogue…

In this community, workshop let’s give ourselves a moment of respite. We will use journaling, meditation, simple movement and small group sharing to help us make contact with our True Selves–not the self we wish we were or the self we thought we should be–but the powerful Spirt in human clothing where we find our hidden power.

Come explore how to live wholeheartedly together. Wholly and wildly imperfect, yet perfect–embracing our vulnerability, questions and longing as the path to inner freedom and transformation for all. Dress comfortably for movement and bring a journal, a meditation cushion if you like (soft chairs are also available), and your whole self.

Location: Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth Ann Arbor (across the street from Costco)

704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm

Cost: Suggested $25 love offering (or Pay What You Can Love Offering at the door)

Register: by emailing Holly at hollymakimaa@gmail.com



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Are you a spiritual seeker who is looking to share your gifts in the world? Now is the time…

Do you have a gnawing sense or a deep knowing that one or more of these is true for you?

You realize, especially since last year’s elections, you have more inside of you to offer the world than you have been contributing.

You want to live more in alignment with your spiritual values.

You want do work that lights you up inside.

You know there is a different, more balanced way to live.

You have gifts society deeply needs.


You get sidetracked or distracted by other parts of life, or

You feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to begin, or

You do know where to begin but you feel like you don’t have enough time, money or training.

You are not sure how to forge this new path.

What if you could begin living your calling NOW?

What if you could begin living your calling without more training, money or time—beginning today? What if what is scary or daunting about change could be transformed into an adventure? What if you could be supported by a group of people just as amazing as you—a group of allies also wanting to shine their lights brighter and make a difference?

Why work with me?

It is my life’s mission to help activate people on their paths and to help them find their higher purposes at this critical time on the planet. Change experts tell us that change often happens in continuous micro steps verses giant leaps. The giant leaps actually are the result of many small intentional steps to live in alignment with who we truly are at the core of our beings. I know firsthand the value of support, structure spiritual community. It is what made me take what was written in my journals as wishes or prayers and build foundations under them that now live, breath, and dance in the world.

I feel so blessed to have found Holly at the perfect time in my life.  She has been supporting me through relationship changes, work challenges, and generally designing a life that brings me joy.  She’s been helping me learn to get grounded, check in with my feelings, and really listen to what’s authentic and true for me.  I appreciate how she listens deeply and helps me get clear about what I want and how to go about inviting those changes into my life.  I am grateful for all of the positive growth I’ve experienced and for the changes in how I approach life, since working with Holly. 

-Ann Arbor Client

If interested in Living Your Calling Coaching, contact Holly at hollymakimaa@gmail.com


About Holly’s Playshops and Classes

Holly offers online and in-person writing classes that augment creative expression and encourage participants to experience their wholeness–body, mind and spirit. Classes and in-person “playshops” include a variety of holistic tools for growth including but not limited to: guided meditations, holistic stress reduction techniques, yogic breathing, group rituals, storytelling, artwork and of course fun!

Examples of classes available for delivery:

Memoir Writing and Writing a Healing Memoir

Journaling for Wellness

Journaling and Meditation

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

Journaling for Wholenss

Sacred Story Circle

Exploring Your Spiritual Autobiography: An Experiential Approach to interfaith dialogue

Playshops available upon request include:

Dancing in the Dark (a workshop to embrace one’s whole self — dark and light)

From the Depths of Gratitude

Visioning for a New Year

The Sacred Body

Contemplative Prayer and Meditation Practices From Around the World